My new home made woodgas stove

Well folks today I made my first wood gas stove out of necessity more than anything, I am going away walking alone for 4 days next week with minimal kit and minimal food collecting what I can along my way. 

So to the stove, as I no longer have a commercial wood burning stove ( honey stove) due to my son taking in the woods and then leaving it behind !. So I now needed a stove which was 
A. Cheap
B. wood burning
After a lot of thought about taking a simple hobo type of can stove to cook my meals I decided to have a try at making the wood gas stove, and what can I say apart from Wow !. The stove preformed faultless running on wood kitty litter for over 40 minutes on one fill, this is one very efficient stove. I am going to try it later on just found woodland debris and see how long it runs for.
I used a Tomato sauce can form Aldi and a new potato tin from the same shop... I did say cheap.
I followed some of the basic instructions provided by a YouTube user and then while making it applied a few ideas of my own during construction.
I now have MK1 of the wood stove; very light pretty compact and most of all almost free....



Carinthia.... Yes please

The Friday gone me and my son decided to breakout and have a night in the woods, just us and  the bivi bags to try out my new sleep system.
I have used all sorts of sleeping bags in my time since I started the outdoors thing when I was probably only in my early teens.
The bag I have "now" settled on to go out with is a Carinthia Defence 4, and what an excellent bag it has turned out to be even though it is a bit on the bulky side (bit like me). Makes a nice change form to old artic issue bag I had been using which was warm but very tight around my rotund midsection.
Holly Mother of crappie-ness, just taken a large deer tick from my thigh.
I have noticed over the last few months an increase in the local Tick population,  my dog has had quite a few now and I've found one on my son last year after a short trip in the woods... I'm now on full tick alert !
I use the O Tom Tick twister... Great tool
Best Ticktool

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